Chobani Destroys This Life

For years the meat and dairy industries have been plaguing us with false advertising. In TV commercials and on billboards we see smiling cartoon pigs, cows grazing on rolling green hills, overly sexualized women biting into burgers, celebrities with milk mustaches, farmers delicately bottle-feeding day old lambs, and chickens clucking as they enjoy limitless freedom … More Chobani Destroys This Life

Vegan Activist Sues for Free Speech

Fighting for peace and equality for all living beings has never been more difficult simply because complacently supporting cruelty, destruction, and disease has never been so easy. As college student Nicolas Tomas began handing out vegan leaflets on his Cal Poly Pomona campus, university officials apprehended him, telling him that until he obtained a permit, … More Vegan Activist Sues for Free Speech