A Constitution for Earthlings


In our third episode of the Earthix Podcast, we chat about an absolutely incredible short film, The Herd, deemed the first ever “vegan, feminist horror film.”

Next up we discuss the hilarious (?) and informative scholarly article, “Do Gooder Derogation,” which unearths why vegans and vegetarians get so much sh*t from those who choose to eat meat and animal products. Go read it for yourself, and be sure to check out the hilarious chart of associated words!


We offer up some commentary on climate change and some vegan responses to Naomi Klein’s movie (and book) This Changes Everything.

Finally, we found an incredible resource called The Earth Charter. We discuss creating something similar for veganism, maybe a constitution for earthlings, that can include ALL animals, all people, and all ecosystems.


To listen to the Earthix Podcast, check out the app “Overcast” from the iTunes store, Soundcloud, or by searching Earthix on iTunes. Find Earthix on Instagram, Twitter, and on our website.


We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Conor Porter and his team at Sparrow Insight for their diligent hours of sound editing, for designing and creating the Earthix podcast artwork, and for publishing the podcast on all its platforms. We are so thankful to have Sparrow Insight as a resource!

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