Introducing the Earthix Podcast

It all started when Athena and I got into an enraged, all-caps, heated discussion via text message about what made effective vegan activism.

“We HAVE to make this into a podcast,” Athena said.

My response was, “I’m not doing it.”

Then we did it, and here it is. Introducing The Earthix Podcast, where two vegan sisters with, sometimes, clashing perspectives on veganism discuss all things vegan, and what we like to call Ethics for Earthlings. We hope this form of media will bring more insight into the diverse world that is vegan lifestyle and animal rights activism. Specifically, we hope we can bring our personalities into our still-developing Earthix blog.

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We discuss dating meat-eaters, whether or not it’s helpful for vegans to draw a hard line in their social lives to display the seriousness of the cause, working and living in a non-vegan world, getting into fights in the comments section of articles, and popular YouTube personalities.

Where You Can Listen

We recommend downloading the free podcast listening app called“Overcast” from the iTunes store. Once you’re logged into Overcast, you can search for the Earthix podcast and you’ll see us pop up.

Earthix Podcast home base is on SoundCloud, a free music and podcast app.

Eventually the podcast will be searchable on iTunes directly, but as of now, you should pick your favorite podcast app and find Earthix in there.

Resources Mentioned in Podcast

Sleeping With The Enemy: Vegan Dating

Tam Hunt’s Cowspiracy Article

The Tree Kisser

Sea Shephard

Gary Yourofsky

Freelee The Banana Girl


Vegan Gains

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Conor Porter and his team at Sparrow Insight for their diligent hours of sound editing, for designing and creating the Earthix podcast artwork, and for publishing the podcast on all its platforms. We are so thankful to have Sparrow Insight as a resource!