009 | Vegan in Prison

Some days, you might find yourself at work, immersed in a strange daydream about what you would possibly find to eat as a vegan in prison. You might take a second to think, “Wait, why would I be in prison anyway?”, but the curiosity has already settled.

So, you google ‘vegan in prison’ and actually find a really insightful legal opinion concerning the subject. This was the birth of the idea for our latest podcast.

In her legal opinion piece, law professor Sherry F. Colb breaks down the question of whether or not vegan diets should be accommodated in our prison system. She suggests that there are a myriad of reasons why prisons should accommodate a vegan diet and breaks down her reasoning into 6 categories.

In our podcast we dive into these 6 categories of reason and share our own insight into what it might mean if prisons were required to accommodate ethical vegans, even as criminals.

Resources mentioned:

A Prisoner Seeks Vegan Food in Prison: Why Refusing Him is Both Illegal and Foolish

Paul Cortez letter to Circle of Compassion

The Strict Vegan Prisoner Playbook, article in Vice

Pamela Anderson Serves Vegan Food to Prisoners

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