012 | “Veggie Planet”: An Interview with The Nomadic Vegan

In the latest episode of the Earthix Podcast we feature special guest Wendy Werneth, aka the Nomadic Vegan, who has just written and published a new book on vegan travel called Veggie Planet. In the podcast we discuss how the original pizza is vegan, including what pepperoni really means; how ancient vegan monks fed their … More 012 | “Veggie Planet”: An Interview with The Nomadic Vegan

Respect for Non-Vegans?

I was recently inspired by a gentleman who comments on YouTube quite a bit. I can’t recall his username, but he uses an avatar of James Franco with only whites for eyes. In one of his comments on a video created by “Happy Healthy Vegan” discussing  Victoria Arnstein’s renunciation of veganism, Mr Franco-avatar said something like this: … More Respect for Non-Vegans?