Earthix is a simple word for a big idea: ethics for earthlings. As inhabitants of planet earth, we believe humans must move away from values of exploitation and violence towards values of compassion and protection for all living beings. Here at Earthix we like to explore news and current events, vegan philosophy and lifestyles, and all the biggest ideas currently leading our world. Earthix promotes total liberation for animals, humans and our planet Earth.

Who Are We?

First off, we’re sisters. We’re ethical vegans that often differ in our perspectives and opinions about veganism and the animal rights movement, which makes for good discussion and heated debate. It’s this difference in perspectives that makes us great partners and activists, and we hope to bring this camaraderie and unique standpoint to our work at Earthix.



Athena lives in California where she works at a non-profit focused on ocean conservation. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.


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Caitlin lives in Eugene, Oregon. She is working on a Green Living Certification course, and is currently focusing on improving local government and engaging citizens to work on global solutions first at a local level.  You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Medium.