What’s Wrong with World Milk Day? Why Dairy is Unethical & Unhealthy

Dairy Animals
Factory Farmed Dairy Cows

As World Milk Day comes to a close, the dairy industry is working hard to combat enormous drops in dairy sales by encouraging the need for dairy consumption, especially in women. Most of the articles crying foul over this drop in dairy consumption focus on how people are “self-diagnosing” lactose intolerance with “vague symptoms” such as brain fog, bloating, and gassiness. It seems that the dairy industry has forgotten that adult humans have no biological need to drink the milk intended for bovine mammalian infants.

The issue remains, however, not one necessarily steeped in health. Instead, the issue at hand has far more to do with the dairy industry serving as a direct channel into the meat industry. Millions of people around the world already shun the consumption of meat purely on an ethical basis. And now, those same millions plus millions more are starting to see that dairy is equally as unethical–if not more so–than the meat industry alone.

Why is dairy unethical?

Because cows are mammals, cows must be artificially inseminated and made pregnant by humans (using a “rape rack”). Cows gestate for nine months just like humans, and then give birth to babies that are stolen from them so that humans may drink the milk. Male calves are sent to veal farms and then slaughtered while they are still babies. Female cows are sent back into the milk production line to face the same fate as their mothers.  And let’s not forget that all female cows whose milk production wanes after years of sustained abuse are all sent to slaughter. The dairy industry is the meat industry.

If after reading why dairy is above all an unethical product you are still tempted to drink it or eat it in the form of cheese, just remember that all nutrients found in dairy originally came from plants. Cows are fed grass and sometimes grains, and through their digestive processes they bestow plant-based nutrients, albeit filtered through five, acid-laden stomachs, into their mammary secretions. Keep in mind, too, that mammalian milk is meant to grow baby mammals into big, healthy children. In fact, the “sustained abuse” and consumption of milk products actually contributes to increased growth of prostate and breast cancers in adult humans, while human kids drinking milk can contribute to childhood obesity. So for cows, milk will help them grow from a 65-pound calf to a 400-pound heifer in about six months. Milk is “baby calf growth fluid,” says Dr. Michael Klaper. “And humans have absolutely zero need to consume it.”

So next time you are filled with doubt about whether or not to drink dairy or eat cheese, remember that above all, dairy is unethical, unhealthy, and filled with legally sanctioned amounts of pus and fecal matter. When all else fails, drinking sh*tty pus has got to top anyone’s list for least appetizing nutrients.

Want to learn more? Listen to this video about what’s wrong with World Milk Day.



One thought on “What’s Wrong with World Milk Day? Why Dairy is Unethical & Unhealthy

  1. Great article.

    Take out the “are” in this sentence, though:
    “Cows gestate for nine months just like humans, and then are give birth to babies that are stolen from them..”

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