First, Let Me Take a Selfie with This Piglet

Sometimes—the rampant, violent belief system known as carnism is almost completely undetectable. It might creep into a conversation with someone making a flippant remark as seemingly innocuous as, “I just like the taste,” or, “but don’t plants have feelings, too?”

plants tho


But other times, it slaps us in the face with the back of its cold, dead hand.

For those of you who missed our previous piece on the basic tenets of carnism, you should know that carnism boils down to the thoughts that allow us to eat one animal but not another. The perfect instance of this is feeding pigs, cows, turkeys, and chickens to ourselves and our pets.

Thanks to a recent tip from an avid reader of our blog, we were sent this prime example of carnism in action. Take a look at Acana, a pet food company based in Canada that prides itself on sourcing “ingredients” that are “biologically appropriate” and “regional.”

Here we have an image of mutilated animal bodies that you can feed to your beloved animal:

Blue vat full of 'ingredients'
Blue vat full of ‘ingredients’

And here we see a proud Acana spokesperson, presumably one of their “regional” farmers, kindly holding a piglet who will, presumably, be kindly sent down the slaughterhouse shoot, or perhaps humanely have its throat slit by the very man kindly holding it.

That'll do, pig. That'll do.
That’ll do, pig. That’ll do. Now down the shoot, please.

We understand what Acana is trying to do. We also understand that this company’s products might actually be a far better option than some other industrially produced pet food.

But, we also see that this type of dominant, violent belief system known as carnism is in full effect here, and given the incredible, innovative and cruelty-free pet food options out there—using Acana at all is completely unnecessary.

So what do we recommend that Acana do instead? Take out the “happy pig” pic, for starters. And wipe that dopey grin off your face, Mr. Mustache. We know what you’re going to do to that piglet.

Ideally, Acana would start researching and investing their time and money in creating products that do not depend on the inherently violent and cruel act of murdering sentient beings to feed other sentient beings.

In the same way that Hellman’s Mayonnaise is losing out to ethical, environmentally-friendly and vegan condiment company Just Mayo, Acana’s and other carnistic pet food products will eventually be trumped by ethically-minded companies creating and offering foods that are not only more healthful for our furry friends and the planet, but also completely cruelty-free.

vegan kids
All of them are vegan. Even the bewildered cat.

Take, for example, Evolution Diet—a fully plant-based company boasting numerous awards, science, protein analysis, and absolutely no murdering of sentient beings.

To top it off, Evolution Diet is one of the only pet food companies in the States that does not source “ingredients” from “diseased, downed, and euthanized pets and other animals.”

We already know that dogs are omnivores and can absolutely thrive on a vegan diet, so check out Evolution Diet for the finest cruelty-free pet food money can buy. V-Dog is also a fantastic option for cruelty-free, vegan dog food.

vegan dog

For those of you who are committed to going level 5 vegan, check out the enlightening “Obligate Carnivore” by Jed Gillen. Gillen offers incredibly helpful insights (and science!) to support how and why our domestic cats can also thrive on a vegan diet…and that doesn’t mean lettuce and carrots. Evolution Diet also offers award-winning, vegan cat foods that are perfectly synthesized with all essential amino acids for the adorably vicious killers currently sprawled across your bed.

This cat could be a vegan.
This cat could be a vegan.

Now is the perfect time to quit supporting companies like Acana that are still clinging to the carnistic values of the past. And, whether you are convinced or not, there will come a time when all consumers will no longer tolerate the inherently cruel industries we currently rely on to provide “food” for our pets. Patronising Evolution Diet and V-Dog (you can order online!) for your pet food is the best way to get started if you’re interested in revolutionizing our world—one dog and kitty bowl at a time.





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